Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In preparation for Home Opening Day?

So, I'm a huge Red Sox fan. I am luckily going to the home opener this year. Yay! I've never been. I unfrotunately have a mock trial starting that day at 4:30 PM downtown. The game starts at 2:30 PM. I will be there for all the fun stuff at the beginning, but will have to wear my boring old suit to the game and leave directly from there (early!!! the horror) to get to the courthouse my professor (a retired Judge) announced for us. Since I will not able to show my pride with my wonderful Red Sox jersey unless I wear it over my suit or wear my hat for various curly hair crushing reasons (once I put on a baseball hat I am not without it in public until the hair has been washed) I think I will make a Red Sox scarf to wear. I used knitpro to come up with options for the image I will knit into the ends of the scarf. Which one of the images do you like best?

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

I am leaning towards trying to do a red Scarf with Image 1 on one end and Image 3 on the other end. What do you think about that option? I am going to make the scarf with Lambs Pride Worsted most likely. At some point, if this turns out well, there will be a blanket made for the BF with Image 3 as the center image in the LP Bulky.

I can't post the pdfs on here from knitpro but they all turned out well.

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