Thursday, December 13, 2007

4 hours

It took me 4 hours to get home tonight. I left the office a little before 3 PM and got to the house a little after 7 PM. The vast majority was due to the snow and people's stupidity. How do people not realize that when you are at a light and people drive into the intersection and stop because of the cars in front of them and block your entire green light, you are allowed and obligated to do the same to them, not just sit there for 45 minutes and make everyone else in the world hate you and basically want to waterboard you.

Not that I advocate waterboarding in any shape or form. I think it is torture and unjustified.

Then I finally pulled into the driveway for my apartment complex, and drove all the way up, right to where the roundabout is and where I have to turn to get into the parking garage. I was already at my breaking point after 4 hours of sitting in the car for a trip that normally takes me 45 minutes. There is only so many times I can listed to the same guy on NPR talk about the baseball steroids report and give the exact same quote (I mean, they are playing the same segment every hour-the exact same segment) before I lose it. This GUY was blocking the roundabout-THE ONLY WAY TO GET TO THE GARAGE. I do what a normal, polite person would do, and roll down my window, and ask him and the plow to politely move. He ignores me. That is a poor way to treat anyone, and a really good way to piss me off, especially if you are a 50-ish something old man. I ask again, a little louder, "can you please move your car?" He ignores me mostly, but comes back halfway as if to say something, and goes back to talking to the guy. I ask again, nicely, using please. This was his last chance. He comes back, tells me there has been an accident, and goes back to talking to the guy. I ask him if his car is ok, and if it can move. His answer "Yes" and goes BACK TO THE TALK TO THE GUY. I ask him to move his car then please, and he IGNORES ME. By this time, there is a line of at least 3 other cars behind me. I get out of my car, and go and yell at him to move his car and he tells me to WAIT AND BE PATIENT AND POLITE.

EXCUSE ME?? Your car is fine, it can move, you are blocking the only way to the garage, which I told him, and therefore I told him to move his car before I called the police and reported him for blocking the only entry to the garage. He moved pretty quickly after that, but not after trying to tell me to be polite. I told him I was polite, I asked nicely three times, and he ignored me.

I really hate old men who think they can do whatever they want, and boss around young women. This guy was clearly one of them. I don't take that and no other young women should either. It's such an obnoxious and chauvinistic attitude. I understand you were in an accident, just move off to the side so you don't block everyone and do it when asked nicely. Then I won't be forced to put the smack down on you and your delusions of self importance.

On the plus side, I did spend some of the time with my car parked (literally in park) on the road knitting on my project. It can't be posted here but is a hat for my little brother.

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LizzieK8 said...

I feel the same way about old men, and I'm an old lady!