Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Baby Blanket Madness!

I finished it!!!!!

It took me some breakneck couple of knitting weeks only on this, but I did it! I finished this baby blanket at breakneck speed and everyone liked it. You can't really see the eyelet rows in this picture but they are there. Maybe in this bigger picture you might be able to see them.

I don't love the yarn, but it was washable and relatively inexpensive, both pluses for this project.

I really like this pattern for baby blankets. It went quickly and was easy and the row of eyelets (K1, (yo-K2tog)repeat until end of row, K1) really made the blanket. Next time I would add a border in the middle stripe color, but I didn't have time for that.

It's really wide. I cast on 180 stitches and would only do 120 or 150 next time and make it longer. I used worsted weight yarn and size 8 KnitPicks Options needles.

I'll tell all of you about the fabulous yarn store I went into Portland, OR tomorrow and also about the rest of the trip. It was so fabulous and my wonderful mother bought me some fabulous yarn there as a late birthday present! yay! The yarn is just delicious.

I am now getting to knit on some more fun projects. I'm still working on the Jaywalkers and am working on the Branching Out Scarf still in Rowan Tapestry. I've got about 40 more rows (4 pattern repeats ) than this picture shows. It's definitely not knitting group knitting, too complicated. It's for my Mom and I think she likes it.

Happy Knitting and more news tomorrow or Friday!

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