Sunday, December 9, 2007

Portland Visit

If you go to Portland, OR go to KnitPurl-a yarn store there. It's beautiful, and they are very helpful. It's centrally located downtown, is a beautiful space with big windows and hardwood floors and has a great selection of quality mass produced yarns, their own yarns, and hard to find yarns such as ShibuiKnits and Habu Yarns.

Also, go to Powell's, a great independent bookstore the entire size of a city block. You can spend hours there.

Also, go to the Original House of Pancakes and order a Dutch Baby. They are delicious and won't cry at all, unlike the rest of the babies I saw last weekend.

We got into Portland and dropped the boys off at my brother's house and went wedding dress shopping. I learned a lot, such as that I can wear a strapless wedding dress and that I look best in A-line dresses that emphasize my waist. There were about 10 women there, and it was very helpful.

Then we went back to my brothers for wine and cheese and hanging out and there were so many babies, since all of his friends have had kids. Every single one of them had a kid in tow, except him, and my sister and her husband. Both our step sibs have kids now.

Saturday, M and I went to go meet with the rabbi who is doing our wedding, a very old friend of the family. Then we went to watch the Oregon-Oregon State game at the step-brother's and there was much taunting, where the step-sis (Beaver) and step-bro (Duck) taunted each other.

Then we went back to the Moms house and had our Thanksgiving dinner.

Sunday we went to the Original House and then yarn shopping when my Mom got me all the yarn I previously posted. Then I got M and we went to Powell's and then home for dinner, packing, and hanging out and we left the next day.

It was a fun weekend!

This weekend we went to West Hartford for a Hannukah party and then to the Patriots game today, it was so cold!

It's so nice to be home.

I might have a trial tomorrow!

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