Saturday, December 15, 2007

Things go on as they are...

The writers strike goes on....Silly execs, just give in already....

The world goes on as it is, overusing resources in the name of economic growth and wealth for the few.

This result was no real change, "no real breakthrough." It was an agreement for agreement's sake and the US did not give in on specific cuts, which was what was holding up the agreement.

I go on knitting the hat that cannot be seen and the scarf that has already been updated.

I am participating in a swap from the knittinghelp forums in the New Year and also probably a mini knit a long among my knitting group on the hemlock ring blanket. I will also be doing hte surprise stole knit a long, but slowly, as well as my chuppah. Fun times. Also, a sweater for my sister. I have a lot of projects lined up and am excited about them.

One past project that turned out really well and as we can see, is well utilized by its recipient, is this scarf I knit almost a year ago for my stepfather. It's a simple basketweave pattern, with repeats of 5 stitches over about 25 stitches and 8 rows, repeated until you are out of yarn. You can see it below. My nieces were in these pictures, but I edited them out for the fact that you don't put pictures of kids on the internet unless they are your own. The first thing my eye went to was not my scarf, but I did notice it! Yay! I love seeing handknits get worn. I would definitely knit for Rick again because I know it will get used.

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