Monday, April 23, 2007

Attorney General Gonzales

Let's step back from the important things in life, aka knitting and the Red Sox, for a moment, and discuss the AG. I dislike him intensely for various reasons, many of which seem to center around the fact that he is one of those lawyers who seem to think that the law should only serve their purposes. I don't believe I think like that. Unfortunately, and the AG doesn't seem to understand this, the laws of our nation and the individual the states govern whether or not they say what he wants.

I am writing a paper right now on physician assisted suicide, and just read the case Gonzales v. Oregon, in which the Supreme Court gives him the smackdown for trying to argue that the Controlled Substances Act makes Oregon's physician assisted suicide act impermissible. It made me smile, not because of the assisted suicide matter per se, but for the fact that they put Gonzales in his place in such a matter of fact manner. I also got to imagine the SC Justices in WWF style outfifts in a ring taking turns tag teaming Gonzales.
I'm not a fan of pro-wrestling, just not my thing, but that image was funny nonetheless.

As a future lawyer, I realize people use the laws of this country as a tool to advocate for their personal, moral, religious, etc. beliefs, however, I don't think we should push our beliefs that come from religions upon each other.

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