Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yarn Fun!!

I ordered some very nice sock yarn from Mystical Creations on ebay and I was very afraid that it would be laceweight because some people seemed to think that the yardage and weight indicated it would be laceweight. It is luckily not! Here are the pics of the pretty, pretty yarn and a picture of it for comparison to KnitPicks Gloss. It seems to be sock weight (fingering) to me! Yay!

Pretty yarn...

Gloss and the new yarn!

I just want to add that I am very sad about the tragedy at Virginia Tech and my thoughts go out to all the people affected. I was in high school in Oregon during that school shooting and moved to Colorado for college the fall after Columbine. I know people who were at Columbine that day and I know how tough it was for them.

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