Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them...

I saw this:

I am angry and disturbed that this guy would suggest this without checking with Curt Schilling or Terry Francona, or Theo Epstein...

I added another person to the mental list of liars I keep in my head. It's a short but well kept list.

I guess all the surgeries Schilling had and the doctors reports aren't enough for this guy to just keep his crackpot stories and lies to himself? There goes his "great reputation." It's never good to have your "source" deny flat out what you say they said.

This is also indicative of another problem I have with the media. It's reporters who report on the scandalous rumors that someone else said first. It goes like this:

A says something ridiculous. A is a tabloid reporter, or some other incredibly ethical person who checks all their sources meticuously.

B reports that A said what A said. B works for People Magazine or Newsweek or some other publication that is considered less irresponsible than the first.

People who read B, but view A as the trash it is for actual news purposes, hear the report from B and therefore a scandalous, false rumor gets cloaked in the reputation of B.

It happens all the time now and is ridiculous.

I promise knitting content after finals are over on Wednesday. Until then, I will just be blogging if something makes me as irate as I am about this type of thing.

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