Saturday, April 21, 2007

OT: Red Sox-Yankess Game Last Night

This post is not about knitting. It's about one of my other passions, the Boston Red Sox. I am from Concord, Massachusetts. I was born in Boston, however, at Beth Israel and I have been going to games since I can remember. I love crackerjacks because of eating them at baseball games as a kid, sitting next to my dad. I got the see the curse reversed in my lifetime. Last night, I went to a great baseball game. For those of you who did not watch, here is a little summary of the highpoints. The Yankees, that evil team, were leading my sainted Red Sox 6-2 and it looked like we were down for the count. The mighty bats of Ortiz and Ramirez had been silenced by those evil pinstripes. The weather warmed and something breathed life into my boys and the bats came out in full force to quickly score 5!! runs against Mariano, an unheard of situation. The 9th passed with bated breath as Okajima came out instead of Papelbon, the sainted hero closer of late. He did it! He faced the Yankees and came out victorious, securing the win to retain the Boston Red Sox's lead in the AL-East and put the fans at Fenway and around the world into a frenzy of celebration.

It was the second best baseball game I have been to.

The first?
Yankee Stadium, 10/20/2004, my 24th birthday and the game that made the reversal possible.

The best part about both of those games? My father was with me for both of them.

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Katie said...

ahhh...another shared love other thank knitting. I'm a huge Red Sox fan myself having been born in South Weymouth and lived there for 7 years.