Sunday, April 29, 2007


I have the KnitPicks Options. I like the convenience of them. I was swatching for Tempting from Knitty the other night and I completely forgot about one of the functions that makes them so convenient. My 7 and 8 tips are in use on projects and therefore I thought I would try the 9s to see if I could get guage for it. I did not. I did not, however, think of taking the 8s off the cords of that project and putting the purple end protecters that screw onto the cables for the current project and then swatching with those. It would have been the smart thing to do. I did not think of it however, and someone thankfully, did think of it. It was someone on where I am participating in a first sweater KAL. Or I will be as soon as finals are over and I can follow this wonderful advice. Wednesday can't come fast enough.

This is just another way that having an interchangeable set with a lot of cords is great. You don't acctually have to have more than one set of tips in each size unless you want to do socks on two circulars. You can be working more than one project with the same size needles without any problems just by using the little end screw on protectors that came with this set and switch needles out between the two or three projects whenever you want to switch projects. It's pure genius I tell you. Pure genius.

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