Friday, May 4, 2007

I have actual knitting content of my own to show you!!!

I know I have been a busy girl these last few weeks/three years of my life, with law school and all. It's almost over however. I graduate on May 20 and as soon as I finish this last page of a ten page paper talking about assisted suicide and fix all the cites for hte footnotes and e-mail it off I will be officially done. Talk about a weird feeling. It's like having three years of your life and what seemed like incredible and impossible effort at times condensed into one moment. My BF is taking his last ever law school exam right now, which is where I was two mornings ago. It's a scary and exhiliarating three plus hours and the time when you are done is one of those epic what know moments. For me, I knew. I was going downtown to pick up some more yarn for Tempting from Knitty (I already had six balls but I want the sleeves longer) at Windsor Button and then home for food and rest and Zelda on the Wii before going downtown for a wine tasting for alumni from my undergraduate college. I did that, had some fun, returned home and wanted to CRASH. I did not therefore, get any knitting done that day. Yesterday, after working on my paper for as long as I could take it, I swatched.

Here is that result.

It turned out to be the right guage! Stitch and pretty much row! Row doesn't matter for this because the pattern for this is written in inches, bu it was so nice to get it right!

Then, I cast on and knit like crazy for me:

I got all this done! It;s 2X2 ribbing in the round for about 14 inches. I have 2-3 done and am almost done with one ball. I think I will have plenty left over for the sleeves. I'll leave one ball for the area after the sleeves are joined at least. It's such a pretty color. It's Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran color 607 or is it 907? and is a more plum/wine color than my horrible at getting the right color photography shows. This one is too light and the next one is closer but is too dark.

All I know is that it is breautiful, I have time to knit and the yarn is very soft and pleasant to work with.

I should be getting an Oddball Blanket in the mail soon as well as some yarn for it. There will be knitting on that and pictures, I promise!

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