Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Knitting and Poker

My tempting (first sweater is so soft and such a pretty purple that it makes me smile). I am a little nervous about all the techniques involved in the yoke, etc. and might end up trying magic loop for the first time for the sleeves instead of buying dpn's in that size. Tempting link (

Here's the picture of my progress. I finished the third ball (three balls have me 11 inches in the second size-I think 160 stitches in 2X2 rib all the way around) and started the 4th ball. I only need 3 more inches on it before I can start the challenge of the yoke.

I'm a knitter who plays poker. I pretty much only play Texas Hold'Em and mostly No-Limit. I play in small tournament style games with friends at their houses. I played last night at a friends house instead of going to do karaoke. It was sort of a last minute thing, and at the beginning I wasn't sure if I was really feeling it. I'm sort of competitive and I wasn't doing that well. Let's just say my 3 aces lost to a full house, aces full of 2's. Not a happy camper at that time. I was thinking to myself, "I could be knitting right now" instead of having my three freaking aces lose to a full house when I call my friends all in bet. I wanted to be working on my oh so soft tempting and there I was losing. The story has a happy ending for me as I came back and won the tournamenet style game we were playing. Was my perfectionist self happy however? Not that happy, I was still thinking about those trip aces. It would have been a gigantic/amazing lay down and I couldn't make it. I hate 2s.

I am also packing up my room in my apartment. I also have almost all of the kitchen stuff and want it packed too before I leave. I am therefore looking at buying boxes in bulk online, any suggestions on where to get free boxes? I am not officialy moving until the end of July, but since I am spending the summer studying for the bar at my family's house on Chappaquiddick (with my boyfriend), Martha's Vineyard, and the bar is the 23,24,25 (I think) of July I want to be mostly packed up before we move down there. My brother's high school graduation, a Red Sox game, and some other things mean we aren't moving down there right after graduation (Yes, this Sunday I graduate from Boston University School of Law).

Graduation hasn't really hit me yet. It kind of has though. People will be scattering and it turns out the number I care about it sort of limited. I'm sad to say goodbye to a decent number of them and I am definately sad that my criminal clinic friends for the most part will be scattering. I am also definately sad about the incredibly goofy hat we have to wear. It's a Shakespearean-Elizabethean floppy ridiculous thing that will make the rest of my curly hair poof out below it in a silly way. At least everyone will look silly.

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