Monday, May 14, 2007

Charity Knitting done!!!

I finished my work on the Oddball Blanket last night! Yay! Here it is in all its knit completeness( at least my section.) I'll send it off to the next knitter today. Now that it is done I can concentrate on my sweater, the scarves I have going for my brother and little sister, and on something for my mom and stepmom, since I am not so sure I want to use the recycled sari silk for their scarves. I think I need to do a test knit to see how it knits up since I am liking it but not loving it in the skeins and balls.

Here is the blanket! It's in the package, ready to be sealed and shipped!

This is how much yarn I had left from the second ball! I am so glad that I ordered two.

I did go to the Sheep and Wool festival in Coontoocock(that's a pretty funny naame for a place-no offense to anyone meant, just fun to say!), NH yesterday and there will be more posting about that in the next post and a few more to come.

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