Friday, May 25, 2007

Un-Progress and some Finishing Work (Crochet!)

I made progress and then undid it all. That is right, I frogged my second attempt at this darned sleeve. I like amgic loop, but there were some errors from not really paying attention. I frogged the sleeve half way through because I could not live with the mistakes and my shoddy attempts at covering them up. This is the 3rd attempt at this sleeve and hopefully the last. I am going very carefully on this darn thing.

I learned how to use one of these yesterday! It is a crochet hook. I had to learn how to single crochet to place a border around the neckline and armholes of my tanktop. I was taught by an old friend of the family who has known me since I was really, really little. Changing table, having people clean up my spit up little. She is a wonderful teacher and I picked it up quickly and did the area around the neckline yesterday. I just have to do the area around the two armholes now and I can weave in all the ends and wash it and it will be ready. Awesome. Especially since it is 92 degrees here in Boston.
Here is some of the crocheting I did!

I don't think I will be taking up crochet over knitting however, it hurt my wrist.

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Anonymous said...

I'm new to knitting and am learning from
Was browsing the forum and found your blog!
I have crocheted for years since a pre-teen and now have bit the bullet to learn knitting because I'm wanting to branch out to clothing and the knitted garments are so much nicer. Currently working on my first sweater, the Beachcomber Tunic from Interweave Crochet. Loving the process, and it is knit for the top part of it but crocheted on the bottom and edges and ends of sleeves. Can't wait to be done. It is the best of both worlds!
Congrats on your graduation!