Friday, May 11, 2007

From another blog...Knitting Progress later today...

I will post about knitting progress later today.

Yesterday I went to turn in my Massachusetts bar exam application. It's so nice to have both my bar applications for the July MA and NH bars taken care of. My BF is done as well(finally) and is home relaxing until we can celebrate tonight.

I found this test on another blog and I think the card is perfect for me, a soon to be attorney and public defender.

You are Justice

Equity, rightness, probity, executive; triumph of the observing side in law.

Justice is about cold, objective balance through reason or natural force. You can't keep smoking and drinking without consequences to your health. It is the card that advises cutting out waste and insists that you make adjustments, do whatever is necessary to bring things back into balance, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually. It is a card of balance and harmony; if there is imbalance, the correction may
require recourse to the law.

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