Sunday, April 8, 2007

No pictures, but a knitting store review!

I am a messy person. I am in a constant fight to keep my room organized and things were they should be. I will be doing reorganizing and spring cleaning of my room tonight instead of knitting while watching TV. That way I can find my digital camera to show you progress on my projects instead of just telling you about it. Blah. I hate not being able to find things but I can't keep things in one place. It's inherited I think.

However, I will be telling you all about the progress I have made on my tanktop and hopefully will have pictures later. I am almost done with the increasing! Yes, I have been knitting steadily on it and am almost done with the increasing. I have figured out consistently how to increase without leaving a hole (though there are 3 on each side which do not bother me because I think they are fun and they are not in any scandalous spot, like the chest). I did this with help from Those videos are awesome and so are the people on the forums. They help me out all the time! I cannot wait to really get to knit a lot on this to reach the inches mark for the armholes and back straps, etc. It's going to be a challenge because there are a number of things this pattern calls for that I have never done before. I'm a little nervous but very excited.

I also went to a new yarn store yesterday. It is called Ewe'll Love It in Nashua, NH. Now, I am moving to Nashua, NH this summer because I will be working there for the New Hampshire Public Defender's. It's a great assignment because it is close to Boston(making trips to NYC to see the BF once or twice a month very easy), is close to Concord, MA (making trips to see the family very easy), has inexpensive really nice apartments and has a very nice yarn store! The wesbite is and has very good pictures of the store. The selection was overwhelming to me and very nice and not overpriced at all. Another plus side is that there is no sales tax. They have Manos and Malabrigo which I will purchase some of when I am there next. They have a huge selection of a variety of yarns and fibers and an excellent range of needles and stich markers/holders as well. They also have buttons! I purchased a skein of Nashua wool yarn to make myself a calorimetry and got the button for it there too! Pictures of that will have to come later as well. I also had an excellent experience with the staff. The woman helped me find a sub for a discontinued yarn for a sweater and gave me a range of options in a range of prices. She was so excited when she found out that a new knitter was moving to Nashua! The store also has some very comfy couches for knitting time and has classes and knitting groups on Thursdays with a teacher there to help you. They also had chocolate out. I loved this store and can't wait for it to be my LYS.

That's all for now until I can organize tonight and find my camera to show you the progress on the tanktop!

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