Friday, April 13, 2007


This is my finished Calorimetry!!!!

This was my second time knitting Calorimtery. I made one out of Alpaca that had come form KnitPicks but it was a gift for someone I knew would appreciate it and I never got a picture of it. However, I loves it so much that I wanted one for myself. I had been looking for the perfect yarn so when I went to Nashua, NH to look around and determine where I wanted to live I had to go to the LYS, Ewe'll Love It and look around and I found the perfect yarn with help from the very nice sales lady. It was a lovely color changing yarn (the exact information is in a previous post) and I wanted to cast on immediately, but I had some things that made me have to wait. However, I completed it a few days and it turned out very well. It's just the thing for my cold ears on these windy (spring????-hasn't really come to Boston yet) days.

Here are the pics. I also found that beautiful button at Ewe'll Love It as well.
This the Cal buttoned as I would wear it from the top view.n I love the purple and I have such a teeny amount of it left, I want to use it in some way but there isn't enough of it left to do anything with!

This is cal buttoned up as I would wear it from what I consider the "back." It's just such a pretty yarn!

This is the button shot! It's such a pretty green and has color changes in it that reminded me of the yarn.

This is the amount of yarn I have left (next to a quarter to show scale).

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